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Woody Scott Voice Over Actor

Your Words - My Voice  
          In Your Time  

  Deadlines met with fast delivery from a broadcast quality studio.

Woody Provides Professional Voice over for: Commercials, Corporate Narration, eLearning, Animation, Video Games, Real Estate and Audiobooks in a fully, acoustically treated, professional Home Studio.

Her voice wraps around your words with warmth, positive energy, confidence,
and imagination. Voices for animation and video games offer range and flexibility!

Studio: Soundproof booth, TLM103 microphone, Scarlett Solo 2i2, Adobe Audition, Source Connect, Skype, Zoom, Dropbox, Hightail, FTP, MP3, AIFF

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Richmond, Virginia

About Woody Scott

Whether your words are for motivation, information, a moment of nostalgia or adding a dash of quirk to result in a chuckle, Woody’s intent is to take your audience there with her voice and imagination.

Check Out Woody's Vocal Works

Warm, rich, polished, inviting, genuine, upbeat, conversational, funny, inspirational, pleasant, vivacious, delightful energy, naturalness to all voice personalities and characters and offers an ease to reads

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